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Staying Hot in the Summer

I have been so excited to get in the pool, but everyone knows this year is different. I waited for the situation to improve, but my complex decided to keep the pool closed all year! So, I had to take drastic measures. I made special arrangements to be in the pool for a weeklong working stay in Las Vegas! A private pool, a beautiful space, and a couple of close friends to join in the fun. I made lots and lots of sexy footage for you to enjoy in the coming weeks. It was well worth the wait. I spent every free moment in the pool and found every reason I could to use it every time I could. The crew was small, but sexy! We had lots of fun and will go back soon if we can't find somewhere else to swim safely. Eric Dikkersun did most of our photography this week. We got a lot of steamy action with Luna StormXXX! I can't wait for you to see all the action. The location was incredible! I will miss the pool and swimming, but at least the memories I share with you can provide us both inspiration! :)

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