Shooting in COVID-19

Hey guys! I know you're excited to see some more new content with all the guys and gals I've made all the smut with and what plans are in the works. So here goes... I've gotten some shooting done recently, with my new friend Luna Storm. She is on twitter as @LunaStormXXX and we have so much fun already! There's a week of shooting lined up for me in July with a handful of models. Of course I'll have my friends TVonSwine (@PorkVendor) and Angus Maple (@guineapenis) over for a romp! I have invited a few other lovely ladies. Tiffany Star (@tiffanystarbbw) may be in the mix with us, I have waited a long time to work with her and now may be my chance. I have also invited Dahlia Von Knight to join us and I hope I can make some really naught porn with her!

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