I've Been Missing Live Music

The clip this week I got to pretend I was at a live music venue, dancing, drinking, dining, and definitely having a good time. It's been quite awhile since I've gone out in public to see a live show. Living in Las Vegas I've really gotten fond of the shows at Fremont Street. That was where I saw Cheap Trick last August. It was a fun show with some of my favorite friends. I always like to see people get naughty, drinking, flashing, and doing things that are better left in Vegas. I've certainly had my share of adventures there on Fremont Street in the past. Live music always gets my heart up, makes me want to move. The beat, the crowd, the smoke, the lights, all make for some very enjoyable moments. In my previous life in the midwest, when I was a young adult, I was brave and naughty enough to have public sex at a concert with an old boyfriend. That's not the only time I've had sex in public. Dancing usually leads to something more when you've got curves like mine...

Milf Milf Milf

So I've always called myself a bit of a submissive, maybe with a bratty side, but lately I have found in myself a different feeling. Something less submissive and more inclined to assert myself. Maybe it is something of a natural progression or maybe it is something untapped and new, a spark of sexual energy that I can build into another flame! I have been spending time with Luna Storm XXX who does a naughty, naughty, perfect sexy little for my mothering streak. We have done a really hot mommy domme scene together for a future update for the website. Is this a direction that you'll enjoy? Do you think it's hot? I love to think about dressing her up and finding ways to reward her for being a good girl. How would you like to see me show off my milf side?

Staying Hot in the Summer

I have been so excited to get in the pool, but everyone knows this year is different. I waited for the situation to improve, but my complex decided to keep the pool closed all year! So, I had to take drastic measures. I made special arrangements to be in the pool for a weeklong working stay in Las Vegas! A private pool, a beautiful space, and a couple of close friends to join in the fun. I made lots and lots of sexy footage for you to enjoy in the coming weeks. It was well worth the wait. I spent every free moment in the pool and found every reason I could to use it every time I could. The crew was small, but sexy! We had lots of fun and will go back soon if we can't find somewhere else to swim safely. Eric Dikkersun did most of our photography this week. We got a lot of steamy action with Luna StormXXX! I can't wait for you to see all the action. The location was incredible! I will miss the pool and swimming, but at least the memories I share with you can provide us both inspiration! :)

Shooting in COVID-19

Hey guys! I know you're excited to see some more new content with all the guys and gals I've made all the smut with and what plans are in the works. So here goes... I've gotten some shooting done recently, with my new friend Luna Storm. She is on twitter as @LunaStormXXX and we have so much fun already! There's a week of shooting lined up for me in July with a handful of models. Of course I'll have my friends TVonSwine (@PorkVendor) and Angus Maple (@guineapenis) over for a romp! I have invited a few other lovely ladies. Tiffany Star (@tiffanystarbbw) may be in the mix with us, I have waited a long time to work with her and now may be my chance. I have also invited Dahlia Von Knight to join us and I hope I can make some really naught porn with her!

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